In spite of having enhanced network services and modernized IT infrastructure, Telecom companies continue to face the challenges that root from ever changing technology and increasing customer demands. The junction of information, applications, networks, audio, video to provide single connectivity and integrated user experience is considered the next outstanding move in the technology. Telecom vertical at Terrabit Consulting provides its best telecom capabilities and services to address the increasing needs of the telecom industry. At Terrabit Consulting we very well understand how all above factors can affect your business and offer you solutions to help you address the challenges faced by present Telecom industry.

Global Telecom Service Providers can now reap the benefits laid out by our well defined product research and development services and IT infrastructure services. Telecom practice at Terrabit Consulting encompasses the depth and breadth of the domain to provide constant integrated offerings that involve system integration and concepts for field implementation. It also encapsulates the assets used across the various telecom structures like wireless, wired, test and measurement, and ISVs. We provide our telecom services in areas of infrastructure management and business process outsourcing that encapsulate different elements in the telecommunications ecosystem. By our strategic alliances with leading global telecom infrastructure development companies and significant domain expertise, we offer quality solutions and back-to-back capabilities in hardware, software, manufacturing, and compliance testing.

Our Telecom Practice has worked on Business Support Systems Integration, Operating Support Systems Integration Service or Subscriber Portals to provide Analytics and Decision Support services, IT consulting services, and Application Development & Maintenance services across the globe. Our domain experts with their deep domain knowledge can help you implement solutions in various process and technology dimensions to create faster and better returns on investment. We provide our customers cost advantage, along with reduced time-to-market facility. Our customers are provided the flexibility to engage us for various consulting purposes. We make use of various sourcing models to deliver systems integration. We provide you the solutions to stay up with competition, improve processes and infrastructure and assist you in developing and implementing creative strategies that help you to transform your business to the best to get the competitive advantage. Our well built ready-to-use frameworks used for product development, enhancing productivity, and automation testing help to reduce the implementation time. At Terrabit Consulting we will help you to enhance processes, improve infrastructure, improve overall customer satisfaction, and accelerate product development. We also help you to reduce costs of product development and provide reduced time-to-market facility.