With the increase in the need for managing the financial growth across geographies by abiding to the market regulations, Banking and Financial Services Organizations are looking for effective and efficient alliances for efficient delivery of banking and financial services. Terrabit Consultancy is working to provide efficient banking and financial technologies enhancing efficiency and innovation. Our industry experts can help you understand and manage risks, and manage business transformation solutions. Terrabit Consulting offers institutions a wide continuum of services to manage transformational challenges in banking & finance sector by abiding to BFS regulations. Our Banking and Financial services practices are built around three strong pillars of Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking and Investment Management.

Retail Banking:

With its broad range of expertise in retail banking, Terrabit Consulting provides efficient retail banking services to the customers. We specialize in areas within the retail banking like opening and maintenance of accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, credit cards Processing, Payments like utility bill payments, electronic bill payments. We provide retail banking services and various card consulting services at all levels like business level, technology level and operations level. We also offer CRM solutions for efficient information and revenue generation.

Wholesale Banking:

In order to address the challenges like financial crisis, high funding costs we provide our customers innovative and effective wholesale banking solutions with built-in capabilities and expertise in Corporate Credit and Deposits, Cash and Liquidity Management, Cross Border Clearing and Settlements, Trade Finance, Automated Treasury Operations. We provide unique and dynamic solutions for cash management, maintenance of legacy systems, electronic cross border payments, and treasury management.

Investment Management:

At Terrabit Consulting, we try to address the crucial areas of concern of the global Investment Management by providing asset management solutions, solutions to access to fragmented data, solutions for re-engineering of legacy systems, solutions to withstand the rising cost pressures.. Terrabit Consulting, with its experts with a long time experience in this domain provides IT services and solutions ranging across Wealth Management, Asset Management, Private Banking services, and Investor Services. We leverage our expertise in Front Office operations, Middle Office operations and Back Office operations for risk management reporting, settlement reporting and regulatory reporting.

Business Value:

At Terrabit Consulting, we will help you to optimize investments, minimize and manage risk and improve operational efficiencies by providing secure systems that respond to market changes quickly. We provide our valuable services in various segments like cards, banking technology, depository/registry, Custody Reconciliations, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Wholesale Banking, Corporate Banking, Clearing, Exchanges, and Trading.